Pricing Your Home

The real estate market sets the selling price, not factors such as how much you want to get from the sale, or what you paid for the property, or what friends and neighbors believe it is worth.

You might think to price your home with a cushion for negotiation, but it can be costly if it pushes the price above the fair market value range. You may think that interested buyers “can always make an offer”, but if the home is overpriced, potential buyers looking in a lower price range will never see it.

By over pricing a home, Sellers kill the interest from the beginning. And eventually, it may become necessary to adjust the price below market value to compete with the new listings.

Having business and marketing experience I accurately price the property, so that you don’t loose time and money. I do it by preparing a detailed Market Analysis. Contact me today to learn about my approach of pricing! And request a free, no obligation home evaluation today!

Lilit Hakobyan

Sales Representative

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