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  There are realtors and then, there are REALtors. Choose wisely. Choose Lilit!

As a first time home buyer, I wanted to find the right realtor. Lilit was recommended to me through my financial advisor. An appointment was set up the very same day for a meeting the next evening. I believe in first impressions and I was very much pleased.

After the introductions were over, we got right to the purpose of our meeting and she came fully prepared. She explained the ins and outs of the market and all the legal aspects off the top of her head. She gave me brochures to go home and read, which I realized I didn’t need to read because she already explained everything, but I guess from her perspective, she wanted me to know and understand fully what I was doing and that she was being totally honest with me. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

The biggest fear my family and I had was not knowing if she would have been the right fit for finding us the perfect home, or will she understand and fulfill our needs. Will she take advantage of the fact I am new at this and not fully detail me on the true facts of purchasing a home.

She was very caring and accommodating, never pushy but very informative and always willing to go the extra mile. She absolutely loves her job and takes pride in what she does and that cemented my trust in her. Her services were impeccable and I will always avail myself of her services as long as she will have me as her client.

* She found me the perfect home, in a perfect location, in a perfect neighbourhood.

* After the appraisal, it proved I bought my home for a much better price than other homes in the same area and they had a significantly lower square footage.

* My house was move-in ready with no major issues after inspection. I was pleased with every single aspect, given the fact I am a very finicky person.

Lilit understood my needs and catered to them directly. She did her homework and never wasted my time. She knew the areas I preferred and worked within my budget. In fact she referred me to the area of purchase and I did not spend a long period traipsing all over, but found my home in a relatively short period.

I chose Lilit even considering I already had an agent who was a family friend who I expected to help me, but did absolutely nothing constructive, not even basic information was given. In my opinion, all he saw was dollar signs and another sale.

There are realtors and then, there are REALtors. Choose wisely. Choose Lilit Hakobyan! 

Gordine, Richmond Hill

  You are definitely the one I'll recommend to my friends! I recommend Lilit!

Dear Lilit,

The reason why I recommend you to my colleagues and personal friends is that you offered me a genuinely friendly and helpful service. I must compliment you and your team for your efficiency and professionalism.

I have been totally impressed by the ease in which you provided service to me and the excellent documentation and presentation that supported it.  Not only did you professionally staged the house for showings and marketed through video and virtual tours, but you set up a wonderful open-house presentation that turned out to be extremely successful. No wonder the good news followed up that my house was successfully sold within a week.

I would also like to thank you for the prompt and courteous way that you dealt with my inquiries, both by phone and email. You were friendly, professional and on-the-ball for all the brought up issues, and dealt with them immediately with reasonable solutions.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and when any of my friends who want to find a trusted real estate agent to buy or sell a house, you’re certainly the one they’ll choose, and you are definitely the first one they’ll choose! I recommend Lilit!

Hobby & Shirley, Vaughan

  Open & honest! Non-pressured interaction! Exceptional & dedicated service that helped to achieve our goals!

I met Lilit this summer with the intention to list my home for sale. She came highly recommended by my Husband who had met her months prior. Lilit left such an impression that he kept her card in a place where he knew he would find it.

When it came time to list our house I called her and arranged a meeting. From the first interaction, I found her to be very professional: she took the time to explain the process, the housing market in respect to buying and selling. She went into details, made sure we understood the process, set achievable goals and expectations. I remember during one of the meetings she recognized our concern, apprehension and moments of sadness. Lilit knew when to pull back and allow time and space for us to change our minds, if that was our wish. It was a non-pressured interaction and she always worked in our best interest.

Lilit always kept us in the loop, followed up and solicited feedback from visiting agents and potential buyers. Communication was open, clear and honest. And, thanks to her pricing strategy and marketing program, our house was sold within a few days. To date, I still keep in touch and in fact although we're currently renting she is actively looking to find our next dream house. Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend Lilit to others.                                                                                              

Thank you Lilit and your wonderful team for your exceptional, and dedicated service in achieving our goal.


Norma and Earl, Vaughan

  We've Gained A Friend!

Words can't express our gratitude for all you've done and more importantly, we've now gained a friend. You are a gem and will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything!


Llyshelle, York Region 

  Lilit Exceeded Our Expectations!

Lilit Hakobyan

Sales Representative

Direct: 647-367-7010

Office: 905-731-2000


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